Dave Seidman

Durham, North Carolina

Web DeveloperSoftware EngineerImprov StudentPet CollectorTrivia Pursuer

Welcome to my site!

Because I need to site that links to all my site. This isn't aiming to be my professional site nor my personal site. It's a merely a site, with links to stuff.


You want to know what code projects I've worked on? My public repos are a hodgepodge of bland exercises, templates for projects, and a few silly pet projects.


The obligatory personal site resume.


A mix of pet vines, customer service complaints, and coding discoveries.


98% pets. 1% Durham. 1% people


Thousands of photos from many years. 99% pets. 0.9% travel. 0.1% miscellany.


Because all professionals need to have a LinkedIn page. Career stuff.